A summer ‘treat’

Tomorrow is my last day of this school year.  It has been a year of many wonderful new relationships with students and colleagues.

To end the year, I made these Pinspired treats for my students.  I think the final product looks great!  I am very happy with them and am excited to give them to my students tomorrow.


The idea intention of these treats is to let my students know I have enjoyed my year with them and to wish them a great summer.  I chose colors and graphics that I thought  represented Summer.

If you are interested in making these here’s how I made them.

1. Gather your supplies.


2. Attach the straws to the individual rice crispy treat.

DSC009443. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments and dip the individual crispy treats into the chocolate.

DSC009464. Sprinkle the rainbow sprinkles on the bar.


5.  Allow to dry.  Now this step took a few tries before I could get it right.  At first I laid the treats on their sides to dry.

DSC00948It looked so pretty, but the sprinkles on the bars did not keep and got pushed into the chocolate.

Next, I tried to have them all propped up during the chocolate drying process.

DSC00950Again, it looked pretty up until the rice crispies got too heavy and started to fall off the straws.

Finally, I figured the best way was to lay the treats upside down.


5.  The final steps were to individually put the bags on each rice crispy treat, then to tie a ribbon with my note that says, “Its been a real ‘treat’ being your teacher.  Have a great summer!”


I think this project can be used for many different occasions.  I can see it for Valentines Day with a cute note that reads, “It is a ‘treat’ having you as my friend.”  I can see it for birthdays, holidays, and as thank you treats.  What do you think?  Is this as versatile as I think?

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