Summer Must Have #2- Kangaroo Carrier WeeRide

My first priority this summer is spend a lot of time outdoors with my little guy.  Our summer will be full of these opportunities.  We will be camping in Yosemite, taking several trips to the Morton Arboretum, many bike rides along Lake Michigan, and lots of park time.  To help us live it up this summer I present to you the Kangaroo Carrier from WeeRide.

Right when the weather started to warm up I began daydreaming of long bike rides with my hubby and little one.  I pictured our little family biking for a few hours on the weekends, my husband pulling our little one along in a bike trailer while I rode beside it.  Our little guy may even fall asleep in it and while my husband and I would continue our ride.  I spent hours reading reviews on bike trailers.  In my research I found that there are a lot of great bike trailers on the market but my research ultimately led me in a different direction.  It led me to the Kangaroo Carrier from WeeRide.

Kangaroo Carrier from WeeRide

The carrier offered one very important feature that the bike trailers did not, it allowed us to be close to our little one during the bike ride.  Unlike with a bike trailer, our little guy would be right up there with us.   Luckily for me, a coworker was looking to sell his.  Score!

We have now had the WeeRide for more than a few months.  We have been using it a few times a week.  Sometimes for short rides to the park, others for weekend rides around Chicago.  Last weekend, we took our longest bike ride around the Morton Arboretum.  What I love most about the WeeRide is how I am able to interact with him as I ride.  If I want to talk to him, I just lean in and whisper in his ear.  I am able to hear and see how he is reacting during the ride.  I learned that he gets scared and lets out a whimper if he feels we are going too fast.  When he is having fun, he’ll yell out ‘weeeee!’  Sometimes, when he’s feeling grown up, he’ll grab the handle bars and try to steer (which as he gets stronger I could see becoming an issue).

photo 2

The start of last Saturday’s bike ride.  Our little guy is strapped in, excited and ready to go.

Other aspects of the WeeRide I like are:

  • It is stable and secure.  The WeeRide securely attaches to both my bike and my hubby’s bike.  We have two carrier bars, one for each of our bikes.  We can easily remove the kangaroo carrier and transfer it between bikes without worrying about the loss of structural stability.
  • Our little guy is very comfortable.  Once we buckle him in, he sits in the carrier as if he were sitting in a chair.  He’ll looks around.  He’ll rest his hands on his knees.  He’ll point at things that catch his interest.  He’ll point to my  husband and yell, “Ba!” (which means dad in Vietnamese).  If he gets tired, he could even rest his head on the headrest located between him and the handle bars.
  • The leg rests are adjustable.  One of the major differences between the WeeRide and other kangaroo carriers I researched was the adjustable leg rests.  Thinking long term, it was important that if biking were to become a big part of how we spend our free time, our little guy needed to be comfortable.  Some other kangaroo carriers do not offer the same degree of comfort the WeeRide does.
  • It fits into my attachment parenting style.  I love that I can have my little guy right up there with me.  It’s like babywearing while biking.  We are in constant communication and I am able to read his cues.

photo 1

Here we are a little further into our ride.  He is looking comfortable and has been having a good time.  My mister was able to get him to look at the camera in this shot.  I, of course, kept my eyes on the road. 

For parents looking into biking with their toddler, I highly recommend a kangaroo carrier.  My mister and I are very happy with the WeeRide.  Later on down the road, we may eventually get a bike trailer.  But, the WeeRide will last us a few more years.  The WeeRide website states that the maximum recommended age is 4 years and weight is 40lbs.   Great news for us because this means a few more years of  ‘weeeees’ and ‘woo hoos’ from our little one.

If you would like to see the WeeRide in action, check out my video:  We put the ‘Wee’ in WeeRide.

When riding with your kids, you must always have them wear  a helmet.  For our little guy, he is wearing a Giro helmet in size xsmall.  We purchased the helmet from REI.  My helmet happens to be on incorrectly.  My ponytail was too high for the helmet.  A helmet tip to those with long hair:  you want a low ponytail when wearing a bike helmet.

*I was not compensated for this review.  I purchased and own the Kangaroo Carrier WeeRide.  All opinions, ideas, images (except first image of the Kangaroo Carrier WeeRide.  That image is from the WeeRide company website), and videos are my own and property of yellowlovesgrey.  They cannot be used without my written consent. 

Surviving the Winter Season- Baby’s got the flu

The Friday before Winter Break I was so excited.  Two weeks off, a trip to California to visit family and friends, and most importantly, full time with my mister and little guy.  And then it happened, Friday evening, the little guy’s temperature kept climbing, reaching a 101 degrees, he couldn’t sleep, threw up, clingy all night…and then I got sick too!

Well, mommy and baby survived after a week of sickness. What helped us through it?


Our little guy was very congested during his flu and the NoseFrida worked a lot better than the traditional bulb sucker.  To use it, you have to put one end up the nostril and the other end in your mouth.  You suck the boogers out.  It’s pretty gross, but effective.

Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer

The forehead thermometer made it very easy to take the little guy’s temperature.  On the night his temperature reached 101 degrees, we had to take his temperature often.  I’m glad we didn’t have to use a rectal thermometer.

Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier*

Living in Chicago, this humidifier has been great!  We use it throughout the winter season.  It is actually my second Crane humidifier.  Our first was the cow  which I loved so much I purchased it as a gift for my expectant sister-in-law.  When the little guy was sick we needed to make sure the air wasn’t too dry for him. This humidifier has various settings and the cone top can be moved and adjusted to flow in the direction you want.  I highly recommend this humidifier.

How about you?  Any tips you can offer for a sick baby?

Disclosure:  Items marked with an * is a product I received for free.  The stories and opinions expressed are that of my own. 

StyleMint Mystery Bag

I have been eyeing StyleMint for the past few months.  One of my most fashionable friends introduced me to the site when she came over wearing a great shirt with zipper detailing on the sides.  Since that day, I have been debating whether or not to try out the service.  Each month you buy a credit for $29.99.  For that amount you purchase one or more items designed by the Olsen twins.  You aren’t obligated to buy every month.  Within the first five days of each month you have the option of skipping.   After browsing their collection, I saw several items I would have loved but had a hard time justifying $29.99 for something I am not sure will fit well.

This month they have the StyleMint Mystery Bag.  It is $29.99 and promises to have at least three items in it.  I figure this is a gamble, but after doing some research and reading StyleMint Mystery Bag reviews, I decided to try it out.  I ordered my first item and am excited.  Once I receive it I will do a review.

Have you tried StyleMint?  What are your thoughts?



Citrus Lane June 2012 Review

I recently signed up for Citrus Lane. It is a subscription service that sends out a ‘care package’ to parents. Depending on your child’s age (between 0-3 years old), Citrus Lane will put together a box of items based off of a theme. The items are a surprise to be revealed when they arrive at your doorstep.

We received our first box just this June. The theme for this month’s box was “Little Artists”. Inside the box was six items. Below is a list of the items and what I thought of them.

Wee Can Too Veggie Art Kit: I am excited about this fruit and veggie based paint. One of my summer projects is a three piece painting project for me, the mister and our little guy. This paint is perfect for our little Picasso.

Putumayo 2012 Playground Sampler CD: Although I have not played this CD yet, I do already own a Putumayo CD that I like to play for my little guy.

Pop & Lolli Decal: Eh. I’m whatever about this decal. It really doesn’t serve much of a purpose because it is just one decal and is too small to make an impact in a room.

Hohner Kids Musical Instrument: I was excited to hand the cage bell to my little guy and let his musical talents shine.

BabyGanics Toy & Table Cleaner: I hope to invite other families over for playdates this summer. This cleaner will come in handy.

Minted Offer: $35 credit. I just used my minted offer and am excited to have purchased an art print for our place. If you are curious we ordered this riverrock print. I like that the print is simple but its complexity lies in how it can be interpreted.

So what is my general opinion regarding Citrus Lane? I would consider my first box to be worth it. The subscription comes out to about $25 a box and although the only item I probably would have purchased on my own is the Hohner Instrument, the box did provide me with items I am excited to use.
For those of you interested in trying it out, here are some helpful money saving links:

Citrus Lane: Right now you can start your monthly subscription for less! Take 10% off the cost of your subscription with code SPRINGFUN. You’ll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!

Please use my referral link if you decide to sign up. Sign me up for Citrus Lane! If you sign up for using my referral link you’ll automatically get $25 account credit towards your first purchase. Sign me up for!

Get an additional $35 credit for If you sign up for both Citrus Lane and you will get an additional $35 credit towards your purchase of $50 or more. Use both credits for a total of $60 towards your first purchase.

*I subscribe to Citrus Lane and was in no way compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Mommy Product Review: Top Five Products I Use Everyday

Last week, my little guy turned three months old! I’m no where near figuring out mommyhood, but I do have a few bits of wisdom to share. When I was pregnant, I found myself spending hours researching baby items. I’m sure many of you expectant moms out there are doing the same; scouring the internet, trying to decipher between need vs want baby items. Below is a list of the top five baby items I have been using on a daily basis.

1. Graco Newborn Napper Pack n Play – Meadow Menagerie

This pack n play has been in our bedroom since before my little guy was born. It doesn’t take up much room and is light enough to easily move around if you feel your configuration wasn’t working. We use the changing table on this pack n play at least five times a day. The little guy is so familiar with the changing table that when we lie him on it, he raises his legs to help us with changing his diaper. Too cute right! Another plus for the diaper changing area is it is easy to clean. For all you expectant moms out there, an easy to clean diaper changing area is a MUST. To make it even easier to clean, I lay out cloth diapers on the changing station to catch diaper leaks and accidents. I then just put the cloth diaper in the wash, and wipe down the changing area. Easy peasy.

Along with the changing table, the pack n play comes with a bassinet, storage pockets, vibration settings, music, lights, and is easy to pack up. This pack n play is a great product for a new mom looking to have her little one in their room for the first few months.

2. Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow Luxe Monkey

I have to admit that I didn’t utilize the boppy to its fullest till my second month with the little guy. At first I used it just as a nursing pillow and found myself wondering why I bought it. I would think to myself, “I could just use a regular pillow for nursing just fine.” I blame my lapse in creative thinking on my lack of sleep because by the second month, I was using the boppy in several ways. The first way as stated, is as a nursing pillow. It’s been great for two main breastfeeding holds, the cradle hold and the football hold. I especially appreciate the boppy when I have to football hold my little guy to convince him to finish nursing off his least favorite boobie. Another great use for the boppy is tummy time. When I first started doing tummy time with my little guy, I had him lying on his activity mat. I would lay on the floor next to him, encouraging him to lift his head, all while I fought my instincts to pick him up because his little whimpers indicated pain. The boppy has made tummy time more bearable for him and I. Now, the boppy is either on our bed or our couch, the little guy is propped in it. He likes it a lot more because although he is face down, he can see my face easily (and vice versa). During tummy time, I place a book in front of him and we read it together. He now smiles through tummy time and I am happy to report, he can hold his cute little head up longer than ever before. I’m also using the boppy as another set of hands. I lay him in the boppy, cuddled up snug, and cut his nails, I have him sit in it while I have him take his vitamins, give him massages, move his arms and legs to music, and have him nap in it. Below is a picture of him sleeping in the boppy as I write this exact post. Him and the boppy are in my lap, leaving my hands free to type.

3. Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier

I was first introduced to the Moby Wrap when I was in Whole Foods. I was cutting through the baby items aisle to get to their little ‘food court’ when I accidentally knocked down one of the Moby Wraps. As I picked it up, I saw the mom and baby smiling at each other. I then went home and researched the wrap, deciding that I must purchase one for myself. I am glad I did. It has been a great way to snuggle up to the little man while I still having some mobility. I often ‘moby’ him when I take a quick trip to our local grocery store, at home while doing light housework, and I bring it along when we go out just in case he is fussy.

The only criticism I have regarding the Moby Wrap is that it is really long and the ends tend to get dragged on the ground when I am trying to get it ready. My mister would add that the Moby is a bit too feminine for him and he prefers the Baby Bjorn.

Below is a picture of my little guy Moby’d.

4. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing

When I first learned about attachment parenting I made it my goal to not rely on products to take place of good old fashioned mommy. That was pie in the sky thinking. Within just a month in a half, I realized that it was an unrealistic expectation I had placed on myself. As much as I love holding him, I needed to free my hands at least a little each day. I struggled with whether or not to return the swing that was gift to us, and then, one weekend, I gave in and asked the mister to put the swing together. Since then, the little guy takes his morning nap in it. It’s been great for me because I can put him in the swing, he gets a good nap, and I take care of stuff around the apartment. Sometimes, I even treat myself to a morning nap. I do wish the swing’s sound functions had louder volume and stayed on longer. My little guy is so sensitive that when the river sound stops, he wakes up.

5. Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag

Although this is a pretty recent purchase, it is one of my top five most used items.  I pride myself on being pretty resourceful and I thought I could get away with a big purse and a diaper changing pad as a diaper bag.  What I found is that it was a pain carrying all the things I needed in a large LeSportesac  bag.  I had with me the little guy’s bottle, diapers, wipes, diaper pad, nursing cover, extra pair of clothes, burp cloth, tissue, hand sanitizer, and for myself I had my wallet, keys, phone, and a bottle of water.  All these items made my cute bag bulky and cumbersome.  After eyeing several moms’ diaper bags while I went out on my daily walks, I decided to spend the extra bucks and get myself an actual diaper bag.  The one I settled on is the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag.  This bag comes with 11 pockets, is lightweight, comfortable to carry, can attach to the stroller, and comes with a changing pad.  I chose the unisex black color so my mister can carry it without feeling self-conscious.   Another great feature with this bag is the stroller attachment.  It easily attaches to our stroller, which is a Britax B-Ready  (link to youtube review of stroller).   I highly recommend this diaper bag.

I’ve shared my top five items, what are yours?  I would love to know what items other moms use on a daily basis.