Wedding Wear Reworked

This post is dedicated to getting the most out of your wedding clothes.  It has been three years since my wedding, but I still wear items from that day.  I think the key to wearing your wedding items after your wedding, is first, figure out a way to tone the formal down.  My second tip is to pick the right occasion for the clothes. My third tip is be willing to take risks.

This picture was taken last Sunday, while I was leaving my apartment to attend my school’s graduation ceremony.  This outfit consists of three (yes THREE!) items that were worn on my wedding day.  Pretty good right?

Can you guess which three items? Let me give you some time to figure it out…


The three items are the dress, the necklace, and that big white flower.  Following my tips above, let me explain what I was thinking when I put this outfit together.

Tip #1:  Figure out a way to tone the formal feel of the items down.

You may have already guessed that this dress is actually one of the bridesmaids dresses from my wedding, it is not my actual wedding gown.  (For those of you that have bridesmaids dresses just hanging in your closet, maybe this will inspire you to rework it.)  To tone this JCrew Chartreuse bridesmaids dress down, I relied on a casual short sleeve navy GAP cardigan and some white canvas Steve Madden wedges.  The casual texture of both the sweater and the shoes helped minimize the formalness (is that a word?) of my fancy dress.  I also added the white  Anthropologie flower to my sweater  and my JCrew gold and pearl necklace to act as a neutral medium to the contrasting blue and bright yellow in my outfit.  The result is an outfit centered around just three color blocks:  white, yellow, and blue.

Tip #2:  Pick the right occasion.

As I stated earlier, I was on my way to my high school’s graduation.  This was the perfect occasion for my dress because there is a range of attire during a high school graduation.  It can be as formal as a floral sheath dress with pearls to as casual as jeans and a sweater.  There is such a range in apparel at this event that it gives a lot of wiggle room for how one would dress.  I did not look or feel out of place when I arrived in this outfit.  Other occasions you can consider wearing your wedding items to are other weddings, formal dinner parties, holiday parties, charity events, evening shows such as symphonies, plays, musicals,  and dinner dates.

Tip #3:  Take a risk.

This tip doesn’t just apply to reworking your wedding items.  This tip applies to dressing yourself period.  It is important that you feel good in your clothes but to also keep yourself from being stuck in a rut.  That’s why it is good to  take risks and put yourself out there.  I admit, this dress is a loud color.  The color seemed even louder when I walked into the arena for graduation and saw mostly black and white.  But that  is ok.  I wanted to represent myself and how I was feeling.  I felt happy, cheery, and ready for summer.  When I wore this outfit I felt it was the perfect representation of those feelings.  I got a lot of compliments about the color, which further ‘brightened’ my mood. 😉

So what do you think?  Did I successfully transition my wedding wear to the ‘real world’?

Here’s a picture from my actual wedding day.  It was such a great day, I smile each time I think about it.  The wedding colors, yellow and grey, are actually the inspiration for my blog title. I hope your wedding brings lots of good memories back to you too.

Have you reworked any of your wedding items? If so, how? I would love to get your tips and tricks.

OOTD: Leopard Pants, Black Sweater, Chambray Shirt, and Black Flats

I have been staring at these pants for a few days now and today I wore them! Here’s my outfit. It includes the pants from Ann Taylor Loft, black sweater from Old Navy, chambray shirt from Old Navy, and Mossimo … Continue reading

Too late to go back now

I am wearing the new Loft animal print pants to work today. I am feeling self conscious about these loud print pants, but there’s no going back now…

Do you have any clothing items outside your comfort zone? How have you paired the item?

Here are my pants print close up. Loud right? Purrrrrrrrr….


An outfit post to follow

In a feline mood

Today, I rewarded my five hours of straight grading with a stop at Ann Taylor Loft. I was happy to see a larger than usual clearance section and headed right there. To my delight and a little bit of grading coma, I found these two items: a pair of cheetah print pants and a cat print dress.


Both items were final sale totaling a little under $25.00. After much debate, I got them knowing final sale items cannot be returned. Now, what to do with them? I have some ideas. For the cheetah pants I will try pairing them with a black button up, black blazer, and black pointy flats. For the cat dress a black belt, black tights, and black boyfriend sweater. In my mind this all works. I am hoping the black neutral colors will tone done the bold and kinda crazy prints. We will just have to see what I come up with. I will keep you posted!

Any advice for me? What would you pair these items with?

Date Night with the mister: M83 Concert

Last night, the mister and I had our first concert date night since having our little guy.  We went and saw M83 at the Riviera Theater.

M83 put on such a great show.  Lots of energy on stage and among the concert goers.  We danced to some of my favorite songs (Midnight City, Intro, Wait, Steve Mcqueen), got to play date night dress up, and best of all had some ‘us’ time.

As we entered the concert venue, I started to get really excited.  It was so nice to feel that type of excitement again.  Being a new parent, our exciting moments really center around our little guy, but last night, it centered around our mutual love for live music.

Even though our night out was just us two, being a parent was present the entire night.

The top 10 ways being a parent affected our ‘M83 night’

10.  We missed the opening show but were totally ok with it.  We felt that making sure my mother-in-law and the little guy were ok was more important.

9.  We both kept checking our phones throughout the night.  I sent one text message to my mother-in-law asking her, “How is everything going?” and checked my phone for text messages or phone calls during every change in song after that message.

8.  I was excited to wear exactly what I wanted without having to worry about how I would pop open the dress and whip out the girls to nurse.

7.  While I was scrolling through my camera roll to look at the photos I had taken, I saw a photo of my little guy, I stared it smiling, and for a moment forgot I was at an M83 concert.

6.  During one of the songs I turned to the mister and told him the keyboard melody reminded me of the little guy’s melodic cooing.

5. When the song Wait was being played I told the mister that our little guy loves that song.

4. The mister wondered if the sound blocking headphones for babies we had would have protected the little guy’s ears if he were with us.

3.  We both imitated what we thought the little guy’s reactions would be if we brought him to the concert.  How would he react to the different songs?  All the people?  The light show?

2.  When we walked by the merch table I found myself looking for a M83 onesie.

1.  The concert ended at 9:30.  Instead of wishing it was a longer set, I was grateful to get home early and see my little guy.

Some pictures from our night out

A video I took

On a separate note, I am struggling with the idea of taking photos of myself for the blog.  I really appreciate bloggers who post OOTD and thought I would do that too, but I’m so awkard in front of the camera.

My outfit above’s details for anyone who may be interested:  Dress: Forever 21 and belt from Forever 21. Tights and shoes: Target past season

Hair: Messy Bun tutorial: The Beauty Department 

How has parenting affected your date nights?