Go Green!

Since my most popular post has been “How to wear green jeans“, I wanted to share how I am wearing them.  Below I paired my green jeans with a cream loose top with eyelet detail, a grey sweater, black shoulder bag, and leopard flats.  As a teacher, I love flats.  They’re cute, go with almost everything, and are the perfect shoes to walk from student to student checking their work and making sure they’re on task.

How do you wear your green jeans?  Any other colored jean trends you are currently rocking?

jeans from H & M this season, top from American Eagle Outfitters, sweater from Gap, leopard ballet flats from Target, bag from a street vendor in New York

How to wear green jeans

We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather these past few weeks in Chicago.  I have busted out my Spring wardrobe much earlier than usual.  To welcome Spring, I have embraced the colored jean trend.  Today, I am wearing my green jeans and a striped dark blue and white tank top.  I was ready to take the little guy out for our daily walk when it started to rain.  Looks like April showers came early.  Instead, here I sit, with my cup of tea, browsing the internet.  Excited about my green jeans, I asked myself, “What else can I wear with my green jeans?”  Here is what I found:

Wear your green jeans with a striped black and white shirt, black blazer, and camel pumps as inspired by The Style Sample

Wear your green jeans with a loose white blouse and leopard pumps as inspired by The Concrete Catwalk

Wear your green jeans with a loose polka dot black and white blouse, a great looking hat, and black pumps as inspired by Superficial Girls

Wear your green jeans with a tan and white striped top and some fun color block shoes as inspired by Anthropolgie clothing catalog

and lastly…

Wear your green jeans with a yellow top, red bag, and red pumps as inspired by Eat, Live, Run

How do you wear your green jeans?