Pineapple Fried Rice for International Food Day

Tomorrow my little guy’s daycare is celebrating their own International Food Day. Parents were asked to contribute something for the kids to try. Although pineapple fried rice isn’t Vietnamese, it is Southeast Asian so I figured it was good enough. More importantly, most of the babies and toddlers love pineapple so I figured it had a better chance of being eaten by the little ones.

To make this dish I did a quick google search for ‘pineapple fried recipe’ and used a combination of recipes and what I had on hand. Not a good idea. It turned out just okay.

This is a dish I will be working on in the future and once I get a recipe together worth sharing I will definitely post. For now, I am enjoying the whimsical presentation.

What is your ethnic and cultural background? Do you have a special dish you usually make to celebrate your heritage?