Farewell to Friends

A stop by the park before our 6pm reservations at III Forks.

We just got home from a delicious dinner at III Forks. We enjoyed a special meal with our dearest and closest as we bid farewell to a couple leaving us for better things in Michigan. It is always wonderful to meet people you connect with. This couple has been a part of our Chicago life. We have celebrated each others’ graduations, weddings, and the birth of our little one. We wish them the best of luck in their new chapter and can’t wait to visit them in Michigan.

It was great to have a farewell dinner doing what we always do when we get together. We had delicious food and great conversation.

I ordered the Chilean sea bass while my mister had the rib eye.



If you are a family looking for a fine dining experience III Forks is great. With a great park and water fountain nearby, your little one has a place to burn off energy before or after your meal. The beautiful indoor setting provides a lot to look at and the huge windows provide a nice relaxing element. The food is delicious and the service excellent. It was a wonderful dining experience for us, our toddler, our close friends and their one month old, and the rest of our party. III Forks provided the perfect atmosphere to celebrate our friendship and wish our friends happiness for what is to come.

NMIC (New Mom In the City) seeking BFF: How to meet other new moms

Since becoming a mom I have found the most helpful advice doesn’t come from google, but from other new moms.  But, for those of you like me, you may be the first of your local friends to have a baby.  To remedy this, I went in search of new mommy friends.  But, how does a woman in her 30s with a newborn make new friends?

Have you heard of meetup.com?  It is through Meetup.com that I have attended mom and dad events, met many new moms, and have had several lunches and walks to the park with local moms.  Below I have outlined how to meet new parents using meetup.com.

  1. Visit http://www.meetup.com
  2. Create an account
  3. Search for a group.  The search terms I used were: Mommy and Me Chicago, Mommy and Me West Loop (my neighborhood), New Parent Group, Mom and Dad Chicago
  4. Select the group you are interested in joining and request an invite
  5. Create a bio of yourself
  6. Wait to be accepted and then start RSVPing for the events you would like to attend

In the case that there are no parent meetups in your area, you can simply start a new group.  Since joining meetup.com, I joined a newly formed Chicago Asian Parents Meetup group that has been steadily growing in membership. I am currently part of CHEERS, West Loop Moms and Dads, Chicago Asian Parents, and Active Moms Club.

Best of luck meeting other parents.  If you are a parent in Chicago, maybe I will see you at a meetup event. If so, please say hi!