Donut Vault and Mity Nice

Today, my mister and I spent our day as if it was BM.  BM is our acronym for ‘before Miles’.  After much debate on how we should spend the last day of my mister’s one week vacation we decided we would drop our little guy off at daycare and extend our vacation one more day.  We spent the day eating and walking.  We went to Donut Vault and enjoyed a chestnut and vanilla glazed donut with a cup of iced coffee.

donut vault 1

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We walked Michigan Avenue and bought gifts for our loved ones.  We ended our day with a tasty lunch at Mity Nice where I treated myself to macaroni & cheese and a Spicy Tuna Burger.  My mister enjoyed a Fritzy’s Special Burger.




All in all, it was a wonderful way to end a wonderful week.  What was life like for you BK (before kids)?

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Date Night with the mister: M83 Concert

Last night, the mister and I had our first concert date night since having our little guy.  We went and saw M83 at the Riviera Theater.

M83 put on such a great show.  Lots of energy on stage and among the concert goers.  We danced to some of my favorite songs (Midnight City, Intro, Wait, Steve Mcqueen), got to play date night dress up, and best of all had some ‘us’ time.

As we entered the concert venue, I started to get really excited.  It was so nice to feel that type of excitement again.  Being a new parent, our exciting moments really center around our little guy, but last night, it centered around our mutual love for live music.

Even though our night out was just us two, being a parent was present the entire night.

The top 10 ways being a parent affected our ‘M83 night’

10.  We missed the opening show but were totally ok with it.  We felt that making sure my mother-in-law and the little guy were ok was more important.

9.  We both kept checking our phones throughout the night.  I sent one text message to my mother-in-law asking her, “How is everything going?” and checked my phone for text messages or phone calls during every change in song after that message.

8.  I was excited to wear exactly what I wanted without having to worry about how I would pop open the dress and whip out the girls to nurse.

7.  While I was scrolling through my camera roll to look at the photos I had taken, I saw a photo of my little guy, I stared it smiling, and for a moment forgot I was at an M83 concert.

6.  During one of the songs I turned to the mister and told him the keyboard melody reminded me of the little guy’s melodic cooing.

5. When the song Wait was being played I told the mister that our little guy loves that song.

4. The mister wondered if the sound blocking headphones for babies we had would have protected the little guy’s ears if he were with us.

3.  We both imitated what we thought the little guy’s reactions would be if we brought him to the concert.  How would he react to the different songs?  All the people?  The light show?

2.  When we walked by the merch table I found myself looking for a M83 onesie.

1.  The concert ended at 9:30.  Instead of wishing it was a longer set, I was grateful to get home early and see my little guy.

Some pictures from our night out

A video I took

On a separate note, I am struggling with the idea of taking photos of myself for the blog.  I really appreciate bloggers who post OOTD and thought I would do that too, but I’m so awkard in front of the camera.

My outfit above’s details for anyone who may be interested:  Dress: Forever 21 and belt from Forever 21. Tights and shoes: Target past season

Hair: Messy Bun tutorial: The Beauty Department 

How has parenting affected your date nights?