I Heart Accessories Swap hosted by Teaching In Heels

Join me and other bloggers having some girly fun with I Heart Accessories.  Hosted by MJ from Teaching in Heels.  Bloggers swap $15-$20 worth of accessories with one another.

For more information, check out her blog here: Teaching in Heels

Too fun!

Am I too old for colored jeans?

When I was pregnant, I watched as the fashion blogging world modeled their new colored jeans.  Red, green, purple, yellow, hot pink, I was in love and secretly hoped the colored jean trend would hold strong after I had my little guy.  I am happy to see it isn’t just holding strong, it has taken over.

While chatting online with my 23 year old sister, I linked her to some Forever 21 colored skinny jeans. I proceeded to write, “I’m totally feeling the purple and hot pink ones!”  My loving sister then wrote, “Ya, I like those too, but I’m too old for those colors.”  At that moment I reconsidered my rainbow jean dream.  Before our conversation I had in my online shopping cart a jean in every color of the rainbow.  I had visions of a different colored jean each day of the week, painting my legs with bright hues and candy colored goodness. I then closed my Forever 21 window and replaced it with my Google search terms, “too old for colored jeans”.

I found some interesting posts, many of whom were from women in their 40s and 50s considering the colored jean trend for themselves.  But I’m in my 30s, so that wasn’t helpful.  I then turned to the trusty fashion bloggers I follow.  Many of them are around my age group and rock a mean colored jean.  Below is a list and links to some of my favorite bloggers who aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of color.

Sydney from The Daybook, who happens to also be a new mom, looks great in her colbalt jeans.

Linda from Little Tin Soldier, who is also a teacher, instructs her readers how to color block in her green jeans and blue sweater.

Jean from Extra Petite, has extra large style in her russet brown jeans and leopard cardigan.

Jiye from Pearls and Green Tea, who I just learned is also a Chicago mom, looks so fresh in these mint green jeans and striped sweater.

Chloe from the(chloe)conspiracy, can’t hide how great she looks in her lavender jeans.

and finally, Keiko Lynn from Keiko Lynn, looks hot in her red cords.

So what’s the answer to my question, “Am I too old for colored jeans”?  Let’s just say that while writing this post, I also planned my outfit for tomorrow, a pair of green jeans and a striped neutral top.

What do you think?  Is there an age you consider too old for colored jeans?

Here’s an image of some celebrities looking colorful.