How to wear green jeans

We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather these past few weeks in Chicago.  I have busted out my Spring wardrobe much earlier than usual.  To welcome Spring, I have embraced the colored jean trend.  Today, I am wearing my green jeans and a striped dark blue and white tank top.  I was ready to take the little guy out for our daily walk when it started to rain.  Looks like April showers came early.  Instead, here I sit, with my cup of tea, browsing the internet.  Excited about my green jeans, I asked myself, “What else can I wear with my green jeans?”  Here is what I found:

Wear your green jeans with a striped black and white shirt, black blazer, and camel pumps as inspired by The Style Sample

Wear your green jeans with a loose white blouse and leopard pumps as inspired by The Concrete Catwalk

Wear your green jeans with a loose polka dot black and white blouse, a great looking hat, and black pumps as inspired by Superficial Girls

Wear your green jeans with a tan and white striped top and some fun color block shoes as inspired by Anthropolgie clothing catalog

and lastly…

Wear your green jeans with a yellow top, red bag, and red pumps as inspired by Eat, Live, Run

How do you wear your green jeans?

Celebrity Moms at the Oscars

Becoming a mom has shaped my outlook on a lot of things, fashion being one of them.  While browsing the internet and fawning over glamourous Oscar fashion, I found myself spending more time staring at celebrity moms.  Here are some of my favorites from the night.

Who do you consider best and worst dressed at this year’s Oscars?