New Beginnings: Mommy Prep School

I am excited to announce my new site Mommy Prep School.  To those of you that have been following me as I built Yellow Loves Grey, thank you.  I have appreciated your readership, comments, and our relationship.  I originally started Yellow Loves Grey to be the place I share the research and advice I found as I was going through my experiences as a new mom.  It slowly evolved into a place for me to share what I was doing and what my family was experiencing.  As much as I am myself on Yellow Loves Grey, I kept struggling with finding my voice.  After a lot of thought and much trial and error, I think I have found my blogging voice.  I’m a teacher and that is how I would describe my personality.  As a result, I see the world through teacher eyes.  I am always looking at my experiences as lessons, I am constantly reflecting, I plan, change and adapt as I go, and as annoying as it is, I’m always giving ratings and grades to my experiences.  This realization led to understanding my blogging voice.  Mommy Prep School is my place to show how I look at the world.  It is my journey as a parent from the lens of my teacher personality.  I have been so grateful for your participation in Yellow Loves Grey and I hope you join me as I transition my online self to Mommy Prep School where our motto is Learning how to be a mom by doing mom things.  

Mommy Prep School Screen Shot

A summer ‘treat’

Tomorrow is my last day of this school year.  It has been a year of many wonderful new relationships with students and colleagues.

To end the year, I made these Pinspired treats for my students.  I think the final product looks great!  I am very happy with them and am excited to give them to my students tomorrow.


The idea intention of these treats is to let my students know I have enjoyed my year with them and to wish them a great summer.  I chose colors and graphics that I thought  represented Summer.

If you are interested in making these here’s how I made them.

1. Gather your supplies.


2. Attach the straws to the individual rice crispy treat.

DSC009443. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments and dip the individual crispy treats into the chocolate.

DSC009464. Sprinkle the rainbow sprinkles on the bar.


5.  Allow to dry.  Now this step took a few tries before I could get it right.  At first I laid the treats on their sides to dry.

DSC00948It looked so pretty, but the sprinkles on the bars did not keep and got pushed into the chocolate.

Next, I tried to have them all propped up during the chocolate drying process.

DSC00950Again, it looked pretty up until the rice crispies got too heavy and started to fall off the straws.

Finally, I figured the best way was to lay the treats upside down.


5.  The final steps were to individually put the bags on each rice crispy treat, then to tie a ribbon with my note that says, “Its been a real ‘treat’ being your teacher.  Have a great summer!”


I think this project can be used for many different occasions.  I can see it for Valentines Day with a cute note that reads, “It is a ‘treat’ having you as my friend.”  I can see it for birthdays, holidays, and as thank you treats.  What do you think?  Is this as versatile as I think?

*All photographs and images were taken by and are property of yellow loves grey.  These images may not be used without the my written consent.

A New Year a New Planner

As a teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect yearly/monthly/weekly planner.  I thought I had found a pretty good one.  It was simple, had a good amount of space for my lesson plans and daily class agendas, but was missing one major component CUTENESS.  It was such a boring looking planbook with a plain gray cover and more gray to be found inside.  It lacked all the things I loved-color, modern font, a cute cover.

Then, while strolling through the Target aisles, I found it, the cutest planbook! It is made by Greenroom.  The only MAJOR downfall of this planner is it starts in January and ends in December. I need an academic planner that is from August to August, but, despite this drawback I couldn’t resist and purchased it.

Here are some pictures of my new planbook.  I am so excited about it, dare I even say, I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and looking at what is in store for the rest of the school year.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Teachers have class. Back to school teacher outfits

It’s that time of year again.  It is the week before school starts. For those of you who are not teachers, the week before school feels like one really long Sunday evening.  You know the feeling?  Where you are trying to enjoy your last hours of the weekend while knowing that you have a rough week coming up.  That’s how I feel my last week of summer break.  I am trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer fun while also having a mix of anticipation, excitement, and some dread regarding returning back to work.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a teacher, but just like the students, when summer is about to end, I just want to lay in bed, pull my blanket over my head and yell out, “Just five more minutes mom!”  But really what I mean is, give me another week please.

One fun thing about getting back to work is ‘playing’ dress up.  My casual summer outfits that range from pjs all day to maxi skirts will now be replaced with what I consider teacher chic.  Below are some images from my pinterest board to inspire some teacher outfits. For teachers and parents out there getting ready for the new school year.  Have a great school year everyone!

Go Green!

Since my most popular post has been “How to wear green jeans“, I wanted to share how I am wearing them.  Below I paired my green jeans with a cream loose top with eyelet detail, a grey sweater, black shoulder bag, and leopard flats.  As a teacher, I love flats.  They’re cute, go with almost everything, and are the perfect shoes to walk from student to student checking their work and making sure they’re on task.

How do you wear your green jeans?  Any other colored jean trends you are currently rocking?

jeans from H & M this season, top from American Eagle Outfitters, sweater from Gap, leopard ballet flats from Target, bag from a street vendor in New York