Summer Must Have #1 the Boba Carrier

I am less than a week away from summer break! That means I will be outside enjoying all the free concerts, eating al fresco, and taking advantage of the many family friendly activities Chicago has to offer. We will also be traveling quite a bit. We even plan to do a family camping trip at Yosemite!

In the spirit of summer, I have some summer gear must haves to share. My first summer must have is the Boba Carrier 3G. I have owned this carrier ever since my little guy was 3 months old. I LOVE IT and highly recommend it.

V iPhone (146 of 446) This is my little guy at 6 months.  I happen to have won a Baby Cargo 300 Series stroller at this moment.  My little guy is so comfortable, he didn’t even wake when I squealed in excitement. 

Why do I love it so much? First of all, I love ‘wearing’ my little guy. Before the Boba carrier, I used the Moby Wrap, which I also loved. Once my little guy was 5 months old, the weather in Chicago was warming up and unlike the Moby, which could get hot with all the fabric, the Boba carrier allowed for babywearing without overheating. Now, my little guy is almost a year and half and when he is in the Boba  carrier I can have him in both front or back position. The Boba carrier is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. I find that I can comfortably wear the Boba with him in it for a few hours. The shoulder straps are wide which help distribute his weight comfortably, the waist strap fits well around my waist. Both my husband and I like to use it.  It is always quick and easy to switch the Boba carrier between us.

Why is the Boba Carrier 3G a summer must have? Well, actually it is a yearlong must have. I use the Boba all year long, but for my special summer activities, I especially like the Boba. We do most of our traveling during the summer. Each time I do air travel, I bring the Boba carrier. Before boarding the plane, I wear my little guy onto the plane. That leaves my hands free to fold and check in the stroller, to carry the diaper bag, and to deal with carry on luggage.

At our travel destinations we use the Boba carrier often.  Due to the nature of traveling, our little guy is in the stroller more often than usual. I bring the Boba along for either my husband or I to wear him. He loves that he can see the world and interact with us at our level.

The Boba carrier is great for hikes. During our last vacation to Washington D.C., we hiked some trails at Great Falls National Park. The hike was more than two hours and covered a few miles. My little guy slept almost the whole hike! He was that comfortable in the Boba carrier. It is common for him to fall asleep while I am wearing him. The closeness to me and the walking really helps to lull him asleep. The Boba carrier will definitely be joining us during our summer and fall hikes and on our trip to Yosemite.

If you’re a fan of babywearing or are considering trying it out, I highly recommend the Boba Carrier 3G. The carrier is lightweight, very comfortable for parent and child, packs compact for easy travel, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

untitled (48 of 262) Enjoying our spring hike along the Potomac River.

untitled (84 of 262)

I spy with my little eye a babywearing momma and her little guy (in a Boba carrier).

untitled (45 of 262)

Doesn’t this picture ‘rock’?  Look how great the Boba carrier is.  I can even rock climb while my little one sleeps in it!  Just kidding! I’m actually kneeling on the rock below pretending I am climbing a rock while my little guy is in his Boba carrier.  By the way, he’s so comfortable he stayed asleep despite my moving around, adjusting,  and shouting to my sister photography directions all to get the best ‘rock climbing’ angle. 

untitled (100 of 262)He’s awake and he’s a moose on the loose.  His whole outfit including his moose hat is from Gap Kids.   

Do you babywear? What’s your experience?

*The Boba Carrier 3G was a gift for use and review.  My blog content reflects my true experiences and opinions.  All ideas and opinions  written by me are strictly my own.

*All images are original Yellow Loves Grey content.  These images may not be used without my written consent.

Gifts for the Second Time Mom

What do you get a mom expecting her second, third, maybe fourth child? I recently put together a gift basket for a friend expecting her second little one. After some thoughtful consideration I assembled a gift that included infant toys and a variety of outfits for the first year. For the clothes, I took into consideration the child’s age and corresponding season. I placed all the items in a basket that could also serve as storage for toys, clothes, or diapers.

What items do you get second, third, fourth, etc moms?


Toys and basket purchased from Target. Clothes purchased from Costco.

Surviving the Winter Months: Cleaning and Maintaining your Humidifier

Last night our little family had trouble sleeping. Each member was congested and our little guy was coughing throughout the night. We’re not sick, just having trouble with the temperature and dry air in our place. Although I have two humidifiers in our place, I did worry that maybe I wasn’t using them correctly. Turns out I am, so I wonder, what else could it be?

While doing my research, I found this great how to video from Crane. It does a good job demonstrating how to maintain and clean your humidifier. Although I do own the Cool Mist Cone Humidifier, I think this how to video is helpful for most humidifiers.

Besides cleaning your humidifier, I found some additional tips for the winter season:
-Stay hydrated
-Measure the humidity level in your home. Ideal is between 30% and 60%
-Keep your place as insulated as possible. Doors and windows closed
-Moisturize your skin with lotions

Best of luck!  Hope you’re suriving the winter. If you have any tips for me, I would appreciate them!

Surviving the Winter Season- Baby’s got the flu

The Friday before Winter Break I was so excited.  Two weeks off, a trip to California to visit family and friends, and most importantly, full time with my mister and little guy.  And then it happened, Friday evening, the little guy’s temperature kept climbing, reaching a 101 degrees, he couldn’t sleep, threw up, clingy all night…and then I got sick too!

Well, mommy and baby survived after a week of sickness. What helped us through it?


Our little guy was very congested during his flu and the NoseFrida worked a lot better than the traditional bulb sucker.  To use it, you have to put one end up the nostril and the other end in your mouth.  You suck the boogers out.  It’s pretty gross, but effective.

Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer

The forehead thermometer made it very easy to take the little guy’s temperature.  On the night his temperature reached 101 degrees, we had to take his temperature often.  I’m glad we didn’t have to use a rectal thermometer.

Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier*

Living in Chicago, this humidifier has been great!  We use it throughout the winter season.  It is actually my second Crane humidifier.  Our first was the cow  which I loved so much I purchased it as a gift for my expectant sister-in-law.  When the little guy was sick we needed to make sure the air wasn’t too dry for him. This humidifier has various settings and the cone top can be moved and adjusted to flow in the direction you want.  I highly recommend this humidifier.

How about you?  Any tips you can offer for a sick baby?

Disclosure:  Items marked with an * is a product I received for free.  The stories and opinions expressed are that of my own. 

Reading for pleasure

Inspired by a recent post by Kellie from Le Zoe Musings, instead of just dusting around my stack of unread magazines, I decided to fan them out and take a picture.  It’s pretty ridiculous the amount of magazines I subscribe to, especially considering having a baby has left me basically no time to read them.  But, I enjoy that brief moment after getting the mail, where it’s just me in the elevator.  Alone, I skim through the magazine, trying to soak in as much as I can before I reach my apt floor.

Do you have any magazines would recommend? Not that I should subscribe to any more right?

Baby’s First Flight. Some tips for air travel with your little one.

In May the little guy and I flew to New York for my sister’s graduation.  Since then we have flown a total of two roundtrips or seven total flights (that’s including stopovers). I was very nervous about our first flight, especially since I was flying standby with a five month baby. But now that I’ve had a little more experience flying with a baby I feel a bit more confident.

Here are a few things I have learned about flying with a baby:

  • Be patient with yourself
  • If you are planning on checking your stroller at the gate, you must take baby out of the stroller and hold him. The stroller must then be folded and put through the scanning machine like regular luggage
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is very hard to fold, pick up, and lift things while carrying a baby
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Try to rock baby and get him sleepy before boarding the plane because once the plane takes off that will be difficult
  • Sometimes you just need to whip out your boob to nurse…even if you are sitting in between two men in their mid 20s
  • It’s ok if your baby tries to talk to the man sitting next to you and sprays his spit on him. People are pretty understanding
  • Supportive comments from strangers help a lot
  • Did I mention be patient with yourself?

What about other moms out there?  Any tips and tricks you have about traveling with a baby?  If not tips and tricks, maybe experiences you would like to share? I would love to hear them.