The Carolina Chocolate Drops

One of my favorite things about Chicago summers is the abundance of live music.  FREE live music.  Tonight, we will be enjoying The Carolina Chocolate Drops at the Pritzker Pavilion.   For those of you living or visiting Chicago, the Pritzker Pavilion is one of the many great sites at Millennium Park.  Whenever my husband and I have guests visiting Chicago (in the summer) our itinerary  usually includes a picnic and live music at the Pritzker.

Are you familiar with The Carolina Chocolate Drops?  If not, watch the video below.  If you like them this link: The Carolina Chocolate Drops will lead you to their YouTube channel.

I fell in love with them after watching this.


Baby I Don’t Wanna Cry

Today was the beginning of the new school year.  My little guy had a big day too. It was his first day at daycare.  Both he and I cried (a lot).

I made this music mixtape to both acknowledge and have a little fun with how I am feeling.  It is called, “Baby I don’t wanna cry” and each song is about crying.

For the other moms out there what was your  experience dropping baby off at a caretaker for the first time?  How did you handle it?

Monday Mixtape Pitchfork Tickets For Sale

Over the weekend my mister and I decided that we would sell our Pitchfork Music Festival tickets. Pitchfork is one of our favorite music festivals that occur in Chicago during the summer. We look forward to it every year. This year’s lineup is guaranteed to be awesome. But, we are parents now and the thought of leaving our little one with a babysitter for a weekend, especially while he is now going through separation anxiety, is not something we are comfortable with.

So, till next time Pitchfork. For now, I will settle for Pitchfork playlists and living room dance parties with my two main men.

Monday Mixtape-Dedicated to the Mamas Out There

I had a wonderful first ever Mothers Day.   Thank you to my wonderful husband and my darling son for making me feel so loved.

Some images from my special day:

Today’s Monday Mixtape is dedicated to all the mamas out there.  It’s a fun compilation of songs with the word mom or mama in them.  Enjoy!

Monday Mixtape Beastie Boys

News of Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch’s death this past weekend has me reminiscence of high school dances and fist pumping to “Fight For Your Right”.  This Monday’s Mixtape is dedicated to some of my favorite Beastie Boys tunes.

I am trying out a new way to share my playlists.  It’s using Spodify, which I use as my primary music source while at work.  You can take a look at my other playlists too.

Beastie Boys Playlist: