Five (unspoken) Playground Rules

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I love taking my little guy to the park and playground. While encouraging my little guy to go down slides, run across bridges, and trying to maximize bubble output per dip, I picked up on some (unspoken) playground rules. Take a look at what I think are funny unspoken playground rules and let me know what you think.

5. Always smile when making eye contact with a kid. But don’t smile too long because it then gets creepy.

4. Don’t stare too long when a kid is having a tantrum. It’s ok to judge but don’t make it so obvious.

3. When your kid gets hit by another kid resist the urge to yell ‘hit em back.’

2. It’s normal to ask other parents how old their kid is so you can silently compare them to yours.

1. The bigger the bubble wand the better you are as a parent.

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