CPR Training

Today I took a refresher CPR course. It has been seven years since my last course and a lot has changed. CPR has actually gotten less complicated. There are fewer steps to remember, which has helped me feel more able to perform it if ever needed. Although, I hope I am never in that situation.

As a mom, I found myself paying extra attention during the child choking and CPR segment. Now, instead of panicking and looking to my husband or other adult for help, I hope I will have the courage and ability to take care of my little guy if he is ever in need of either.

I found this great graphic that summarized what I learned today.


For any of you looking to get certified/recertified the American Heart Association holds courses throughout the year around the country. To look up available courses in your area, click here.

Are you CPR certified? Have you ever been in a situation in which you had to give CPR.


2 thoughts on “CPR Training

    • The instructors did say,’It’s better to break bones than to be dead.’ They did not say you have to break bones to do it right but after doing the training again, I can see why broken bones are common, those chest compressions are really deep.

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