Surviving the Winter Months: Cleaning and Maintaining your Humidifier

Last night our little family had trouble sleeping. Each member was congested and our little guy was coughing throughout the night. We’re not sick, just having trouble with the temperature and dry air in our place. Although I have two humidifiers in our place, I did worry that maybe I wasn’t using them correctly. Turns out I am, so I wonder, what else could it be?

While doing my research, I found this great how to video from Crane. It does a good job demonstrating how to maintain and clean your humidifier. Although I do own the Cool Mist Cone Humidifier, I think this how to video is helpful for most humidifiers.

Besides cleaning your humidifier, I found some additional tips for the winter season:
-Stay hydrated
-Measure the humidity level in your home. Ideal is between 30% and 60%
-Keep your place as insulated as possible. Doors and windows closed
-Moisturize your skin with lotions

Best of luck!  Hope you’re suriving the winter. If you have any tips for me, I would appreciate them!


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