Teachers have class. Back to school teacher outfits

It’s that time of year again.  It is the week before school starts. For those of you who are not teachers, the week before school feels like one really long Sunday evening.  You know the feeling?  Where you are trying to enjoy your last hours of the weekend while knowing that you have a rough week coming up.  That’s how I feel my last week of summer break.  I am trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer fun while also having a mix of anticipation, excitement, and some dread regarding returning back to work.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a teacher, but just like the students, when summer is about to end, I just want to lay in bed, pull my blanket over my head and yell out, “Just five more minutes mom!”  But really what I mean is, give me another week please.

One fun thing about getting back to work is ‘playing’ dress up.  My casual summer outfits that range from pjs all day to maxi skirts will now be replaced with what I consider teacher chic.  Below are some images from my pinterest board to inspire some teacher outfits. For teachers and parents out there getting ready for the new school year.  Have a great school year everyone!


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