StyleMint Mystery Bag Items Have Arrived

I was excited to find that my StyleMint Mystery Bag items had arrived.  The excitement quickly died when I opened the package and found the three t-shirts pictured.

I knew I took a gamble with the Mystery Bag, but I was really disappointed with what I received.  The only shirt of the three I would consider wearing is the black one.  The other two just don’t fit my style or my body very well.

Oh well.

Anyone else out there purchase the Mystery Bag? If so, what did you get and did you like it?


4 thoughts on “StyleMint Mystery Bag Items Have Arrived

  1. Haha. Uh, yikes! Can you send it back and just cross your fingers they don’t send another wardrobe meant for retired school teachers?

    I kid. 😉

    • Any thoughts on what you are going to do with the tops? I have been trying to figure out how to ‘salvage’ them. A little tshirt DIY or maybe how to wear them and make them look cute. All i can think of is for the flower one a high waisted black skirt and some black tights for the winter. For the black stars shirt, maybe some dark denim, and a blazer?

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