Radiohead at Tinley Park


Being a parent has changed my concert experience. How?

Before baby: clap clap clap. Me to my mister, ‘I hope they play…’, ‘encore encore!’

After baby: staring at my phone at pictures of baby. Me to the mister, ‘I hope the concert isn’t too long’, ‘encore?’ sigh…


3 thoughts on “Radiohead at Tinley Park

  1. “I know, right?” on the ‘after baby’ scenario! Our first (and ashamedly last) date night for V-Day was a bust for the most part because all we could think about was the baby! Oh, the woes of motherhood… I read a great tip from ‘veteran’ parents that a good rule during an adult night is to just talk about you and your husband. HAHA, uhhh, that’s going to be hard.

    I love that you and your Mister continue your guys’ love for music! That’s so awesome.

    • I read your post about why you don’t have date night and I totally get it. It’s hard leaving the little one when spending time with him makes you so happy.

      Ya our love for music is something we hope to pass along to our little one too, so hopefully one day we can all enjoy concerts together…even if they’re Wiggleworm concerts. Maybe one day Humnoy and you and salsa together? That would be so cute.

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