Mommy and Me Out and About #4 A Picnic at the Beach


This Memorial Day weekend the mister, little guy and I enjoyed an afternoon picnic at the beach.

For moms out there, a picnic is a great way to get out while also low stress once you get there.

Summers in Chicago are prime picnic season. With free events all over the city we have often had a picnic on a whim.  I always have a picnic bag ready.

In my picnic bag you will find:
-picnic blankets
-shower curtain lining to lay down on wet grass
-insect repelling candle
-baby wipes
-a pack of cards
-small cutting board
-small knife

Picnic Foods to have on hand:
-frozen bottles of water. They serve to keep food cold and as cold water to drink
-Wheat Thins/crackers
-variety cheese plate

Do you like to have picnics? What are your picnic food staples?

The picture is of my little guy and I enjoying our picnic at the beach this past Sunday.


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