DIY (Grand) Mothers Day Card

For this Mothers Day I wanted to send my mom something that celebrates her both as a mom and as a grandma.  She lives in California and hasn’t seen the little guy since he was just one month old.   I decided to make her a Mothers Day card with an imprint of his foot.

The supplies I used were 4 x 6 patterned cardstock, Tempura non-toxic paint, and a sponge brush

20120508-204701.jpgThe first step was to paint the little guy’s foot. As he lay there, I put some of the orange paint on the brush and proceeded to paint my little guy’s (cute little) foot.  I then took the card and stamped his foot.  I made sure each of his toes touched the paper to get a nice footprint.


The final steps were to trace the foot with little guy’s name, the date the footprint was taken, and his current height and weight. I  wrote a short Mothers Day message and added an elephant sticker to the other side of the card.  All there is left is to drop it in the mail.

20120508-204742.jpgWhat Mothers Day crafts have you done?


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