How to dress your pregnant body. Tips and tricks.

It has been over three months since I was pregnant and I am happy to report I have moved my maternity clothes out of my closet and am in the process of lending them out to some of my newly pregnant friends.  Upon reflection, I have a few tips and tricks about how to dress while pregnant I would like to share.

I knew I didn’t want to spend too much on maternity clothes, so I focused my maternity purchases by first identifying my dressing goals.

I had three goals when it came how to dress: 

1.  Rework as much as I can in my current closet

2.  Purchase versatile pieces that will last the duration of the pregnancy

3. Show off the bump

Below is a list of the items I wore the most during my pregnancy

Boyfriend sweater

I own boyfriend sweaters in black, grey, and striped that I wore throughout my pregnancy. Boyfriend sweaters are versatile because they looked great buttoned up or unbuttoned over a shirt or tank with a skinny belt.

Skinny belts

As stated above, I used skinny belts to cinch the boyfriend sweaters.  The skinny belts I used most were a black leather belt, brown braided belt, and a leopard printed belt.   Thin belts are great because they fit between my belly and my chest, providing more shape and definition in my outfits.

Empire waist dresses

I spent most of my pregnancy in dresses.  They were the most comfortable items to wear.  Easy to put on and take off.  It also helped that they made it easier to go to the bathroom, which, when pregnant, is a definite must.  I had a few empire waist dresses in my closet that I wore during the first and second trimester.  I also bought two shirt dresses two sizes bigger than my prepregnancy size and wore them with a skinny belt.

Maxi dresses

The maxi dress is really flattering on a pregnant woman.  During the winter months, I would pair the maxi dress with a boyfriend sweater, skinny belt, and a pair of boots.

Belly band and skinny jeans

The belly band was great because it allowed me to wear skinny jeans while pregnant.  I bought two pairs of $15.00 skinny jeans from Forever21.  To make sure they would fit during the nine months I was pregnant, I purchased them two sizes bigger than my normal size.  When I wore them, I held them in place with the belly band.  I wore the skinny jeans with boots and flats.

Empire waist tops

The silhoutte of these tops made it easy to wear while pregnant.  I had several already in my closet and wore them during my first and second trimesters.  By the end of my second trimester I purchased a button down blouse that I cinched using a skinny belt.

An added bonus to the items I listed above is that most of them are not maternity clothes.  I have been able to wear them during my first three postpartum months.  But, because I wore them so often, I am tired of the same look and am glad to have other clothing options now.

An extra piece of advice for all the pregnant women out there.  Cherish these months.  While pregnant, I didn’t realize how fondly I would look back at the nine months I carried my little guy.  It’s a really special time.

Below are a few of the outfits I wore while pregnant.

Second trimester at Pitchfork Music Festival.  Tops from H&M.  Hat from Target.

Second trimester attending a wedding.  Dress from H&M.

Second trimester at an apple orchard.  Top from H&M.  Jeans from Forever 21.  Skinny belt from Old Navy.

Third trimester in Lake Geneva, WI.  Max Studio sweater dress and Steve Madden boots.

Third trimester in Lake Geneva, WI. Dress from Old Navy.  Boyfriend sweater from Jcrew.

Third trimester in Madison, WI at a farmers market. Maxi dress from Gap Maternity.  Necklaces from Forever 21.

Do you have any tips out there for moms to be?


3 thoughts on “How to dress your pregnant body. Tips and tricks.

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    I remember how hard it was to dress my body when pregnant and wrote this post on How to dress your pregnant body. Tips and Tricks. check it out! Do you have any pregnancy dressing tips?

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