Music for the baby’s soul

As an avid music lover and concert goer music has been a part of my little guy’s life from when he was still in the womb.

Below are some music themed items I am currently loving.

Baby MP3 Player made of wood.  Would love this for the nursery.

Rockabye Baby! Series.  These lullaby renditions of artists make bedtime routines even more special.

Earmuffs to muffle sounds at concerts.  We received these as a gift from our friend.  Not sure we’ll bring the little guy to Pitchfork or Lollapalooza this summer.  What is an appropriate age to start bringing your little one to a music festival?  I wonder.

What music must haves do you have for your little one?

Vietnamese Bride and Groom

I am blown away by how beautiful this set of portraits by Jose Villa are.  I am especially in love with it because I myself am Vietnamese and wore a traditional Vietnamese ao dai on my wedding day.  Wish I had worn a gown like the bride’s below.  So gorgeous.

Images via Once Wed .  See more there!

I love how wedding attire from various cultures are now being highlighted on wedding blogs.  Any you have seen lately?  Please share.

Go Green!

Since my most popular post has been “How to wear green jeans“, I wanted to share how I am wearing them.  Below I paired my green jeans with a cream loose top with eyelet detail, a grey sweater, black shoulder bag, and leopard flats.  As a teacher, I love flats.  They’re cute, go with almost everything, and are the perfect shoes to walk from student to student checking their work and making sure they’re on task.

How do you wear your green jeans?  Any other colored jean trends you are currently rocking?

jeans from H & M this season, top from American Eagle Outfitters, sweater from Gap, leopard ballet flats from Target, bag from a street vendor in New York