Pumping but stylish

Becoming a mother has affected my life in so many ways. One that I didn’t really consider before becoming a breastfeeding mom was how it would affect how I dress.  Everyday, I make sure the tops I wear are breastfeeding friendly.  Now that I will be returning to work, I have to consider breastmilk pumping friendly clothes.  Here are my tips for stylish working moms who like me, have to pump at work.

  • Wear separates.  It is much easier to pump if you only have to take off a top, rather than a one piece dress.
  • If you are choosing to wear a one piece dress, consider a wrap dress or a button down shirt dress.
  • For tops, consider button down shirts, cardigans and blazers over nursing tops, and lightweight tops that are easy to take off and put on.
  • Keep an extra neutral top at work, just in case you leak through your clothes.

Here are some great options for pumping working moms out there:

Ann Taylor Loft Utility Blouse $49.50 with Textured Canvas A-Line Skirt $49.50

Banana Republic Safari Shirt Dress $110.00

Forever 21 Double Breasted Jacket $32.80 

Gap Long-sleeve Crossover Nursing T $24.95

Any pumping style tips you would like to share?  I would love to hear them.


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