Mommy and Me Out and About #1 A walk around the neighborhood

This is the beginning of my feature, Mommy and Me Out and About.  It is about things to do with your baby.

#1- A walk around the neighborhood

When I first had my little guy, the thought of leaving my home was admittedly stressful.  I figured, best to take baby steps (pun totally intended).  So I took a walk around the neighborhood.  It took about 1.5 hours to prepare for that short walk, but it was just the beginning of what became our daily two-hour walks downtown.  Why did it take an hour and a half to get ready you ask.  Let me explain.

20-30 minutes to breastfeed the little guy 

5 minutes to burp him

10 minutes to change his diaper and dress him appropriately for outside

15 minutes to get myself ready

20 minutes to sooth him and get him sleepy or sleeping

5-10 minutes to strap him in the stroller and sooth him while he was in the stroller

Once we were out the door, I had a 30 minute window.  After 30 minutes, I would then return home because it was time for his next feeding.

Was it worth all the trouble to get out for only 30 minutes? Yes.  For new moms out there, fresh air will be good for you and for the little one.  Even a short walk around the neighborhood will help you feel a little more like yourself.  For mom’s wondering how to dress their little one for winter trips outside, check out my past post: Taking Baby Outside During the Winter .

Below is a picture of one of my first trips outside with my little guy.  For anyone curious what type of stroller I use, it is the Britax B-Ready with a Chaperone infant car seat.  It is mentioned in my previous post: Mommy Product Review: Top Five Products I Use Everyday.

What was your first trip outside with your little one like?


2 thoughts on “Mommy and Me Out and About #1 A walk around the neighborhood

    • Ya, the 15 minutes getting ‘ready’ was putting my hair in a messy bun, throwing on some yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and my winter coat. It took me till about 4 weeks to start putting on makeup and taking longer trips out. Love your blog by the way!

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