Mommy and Me Out and About #3 Lunch Date

A lunch date? You must think I’m crazy, with a newborn, you hardly have time to shower somedays right?  Well, as difficult as it can be to get things together enough to take a trip outside, once you feel your little one has settled into a somewhat predictable routine, I encourage you to plan a lunch date. My first lunch date was with my sister, who at the time was visiting from beautiful, sunny, San Diego.

#3 Lunch Date

For this trip out with the little one here are some tips:

  • Schedule the lunch after 1:30, when the lunch crowd has died down a bit and the restaurant you go to won’t be so crowded or busy
  • Choose a casual restaurant that you have seen families dine at.  Make sure they have enough space for your stroller or car seat.
  • Consider the menu.  Does it have food options you can eat with one hand?  You may have to hold your little one while you eat.
  • Have lunch with a friend that is understanding of a crying baby.
  • Be flexible.  This could mean having to cancel your lunch date, move it to a later time, change the location, or cutting it short.  It all depends on what your little one needs at that moment.

For those of you living near downtown Chicago like me, below is a list of some locations I have gone to with my little guy.  I consider these places baby lunch date friendly.

  • Macy’s on State Street.  Their food court has many options.  Lots of space for your stroller.  Keep in mind, the food court closes at 3pm.
  • Melis on Halstead.  This restaurant has always been a favorite of mine.  It is usually very busy, so I make sure go after the lunch crowd and have lunch at 1:30 on a weekday.  The crowd is much smaller then.  Consider leaving the stroller at home, they don’t have much room for a stroller.  I brought my little guy here in his infant carseat.
  • Protein Bar on Washington.  This place is a great place for a healthy lunch.  I have had lunch here with my little guy several times.  The wraps are easy to eat while holding a baby.  Protein Bar’s downtown locations are closed Saturday and Sundays.
  • India House on W. Grand Ave.  I love Indian food.  This place offers a great lunch time buffet.  Since all the food is already prepared, it is a quick meal with lots of options.  Their lunch buffet ends at 2:30pm.
  • Atropolis on Halstead.  This cafe is roomy, has delicious sandwiches and tasty pastries.  It’s a great place to meet a friend for lunch.  There’s plenty of room for your stroller.
  • Perez on Randolph. For the Mexican food lovers out there, this restaurant is a great option for lunch.   There’s room for your stroller.
  • Whole Foods in the South Loop.  With their many food options, you could meet a friend here.  Maybe your friend could even help you do some quick grocery shopping.

Do you have any restaurant suggestions for other moms out there?  If so, please share.

Mommy and Me Out and About #2-A Shopping Trip

For all you new moms out there, I am sorry to break the news to you, but you will need some transitional clothes after childbirth.  I was hoping I would be one of the lucky few who by their sixth week postpartum could fit back into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans.  That did not happen.  I was somewhere in between really loose maternity clothes and too tight pre-pregnancy clothes, I needed some in between clothes for my in between body.

This brings me to my second Mommy and Me Out and About:

#2 A Shopping Trip

Now, I’m not talking about a quick trip to get some milk, I am talking about a good two hours to get yourself some new clothes.  While you are adjusting to mommy life, it is important that you look and feel good.  Wearing your maternity clothes and knowing you won’t fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes can be frustrating.  You deserve to treat yourself out to some new clothes that fit your current body.

In planning for this shopping trip I would suggest enlisting some help from someone you trust.  It should be someone who will be honest with you about how you look and can help care for the little one while you try on clothes.  For my first shopping trip out, I went with my sister.  We had my little guy in the stroller, walked out to Chicago’s State Street. We browsed Old Navy, Forever 21, Ann Taylor Loft, H&M, and Macy’s.  Since the clothes I was purchasing are transitional pieces, I didn’t want to spend too much on them.  I ended up buying a pair of pants and a blouse from Ann Taylor Loft, a blouse from H & M,  a pair of electric blue colored jeans and a cardigan from Forever 21. I consider it a successful shopping trip. By the end of the week, I was wearing clothes that fit and felt much better about my appearance.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and plan that shopping trip!

Below is a picture of my little guy at Macy’s on State Street.

What I am loving now: Toms Ballet Flats

I am in love with Toms shoes.  I appreciate their style, comfort and most of all their philanthropic philosophy.  I first experienced Toms when I purchased them during a trip to New York.  Walking around the city exploring got my feet tired but I didn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort.  Toms was a great solution. Since then I have purchased two more pairs.

Now, Toms has introduced ballet flats.  These shoes come in a variety of textures, colors, and designs.  As a mom and a teacher, I can’t imagine any shoe fitting my lifestyle better.  My only problem…limiting myself to one pair.

Check out the Toms website here.  Which Toms are your favorites?

I Heart Accessories Swap hosted by Teaching In Heels

Join me and other bloggers having some girly fun with I Heart Accessories.  Hosted by MJ from Teaching in Heels.  Bloggers swap $15-$20 worth of accessories with one another.

For more information, check out her blog here: Teaching in Heels

Too fun!

Pumping but stylish

Becoming a mother has affected my life in so many ways. One that I didn’t really consider before becoming a breastfeeding mom was how it would affect how I dress.  Everyday, I make sure the tops I wear are breastfeeding friendly.  Now that I will be returning to work, I have to consider breastmilk pumping friendly clothes.  Here are my tips for stylish working moms who like me, have to pump at work.

  • Wear separates.  It is much easier to pump if you only have to take off a top, rather than a one piece dress.
  • If you are choosing to wear a one piece dress, consider a wrap dress or a button down shirt dress.
  • For tops, consider button down shirts, cardigans and blazers over nursing tops, and lightweight tops that are easy to take off and put on.
  • Keep an extra neutral top at work, just in case you leak through your clothes.

Here are some great options for pumping working moms out there:

Ann Taylor Loft Utility Blouse $49.50 with Textured Canvas A-Line Skirt $49.50

Banana Republic Safari Shirt Dress $110.00

Forever 21 Double Breasted Jacket $32.80 

Gap Long-sleeve Crossover Nursing T $24.95

Any pumping style tips you would like to share?  I would love to hear them.